IFMSA was started out in 1951 as merely an 8-country-member organization.  Through years, IFMSA has made a remarkable growth from an exclusively European founding organization towards the real international organization including members from over 100 countries representing more than 1.2 million medical students across the world.

IFMSA-THAILAND was founded in General Assembly in August 2002 in Taiwan and was officially considered a member of IFMSA in 2003. We have been organizing various workshops and projects as well as have been expanding our membership to include 22 university members representing more than 14,000 medical students all over the country. We are moving forward to become a student organization that doesn’t only encourage students to take active roles in local and global health issues, but also provide a powerful platform for all students to show their underlying potentials. As a result, future doctors are becoming more prepared in all aspects to create a great impact on the health of Thailand and the world.


IFMSA-THAILAND aspires to produce future doctors with mental readiness and versatility to develop Thailand sustainably.


Initiate new projects and inspire medical students to contribute to their society

Promote skills and developments among medical students for the greatest benefit of their society

Fulfill opportunities among medical students to develop their potential equally


1. We make people aware the importance of personal healthcare and able to reach healthcare service equally.

2. We provide a network that connects active medical students across the world to share their experiences and learn from each other.

3. We provide medical students with skills and readiness to create activities that benefit the society.


" Think globally, act locally "